W Tower Olive Tree Apartment

Project Info

Location : Tel Aviv

Area : 300 sqm + 70 sqm

Description :  Apartment located in the 40th Floor of a luxurious tower in Park Tsameret area .

Yael DR has fused contemporary and bohemian hand craft styles to create a stunningly luxurious apartment that captures your attention as soon as you walk in. The apartment includes thoughtful design and remarkable attention to detail. In every room it ties natural and worldly elements together to construct an urban mediteranian atmosphere .The abundance of windows in the apartment allowed to use a dark monochromatic color palette. Bright accent pieces such as the olive tree  and light color walls have been added to the apartment’s decor to balance out the dark and intense colors. The wooden furniture warms the area, making the apartment more homely.

Design : 2009

Collaboration with Alon Goldman project supervisor