About Me

Yael DR was born in Brussels in 1978.

An early passion for visual arts led her to study Interior Architecture and design at the prestigious Saint Luc Academy in Brussels.

Following her graduation, she started her own practice in the European capital, where she spent ten years working on residential and commercial projects.

In 2006 she moved to Tel Aviv where, until today, she continues to develop and design high quality and high standard commercial and residential spaces.

Exploring and traveling the world, new horizons inspire her and guide her.

International influences, new trends and creations nourish her imagination and enhance her ability to design.

She attaches a particular importance to volume, light and colors and the way it affects the spaces.

She believe that every space should be the reflection of the soul of the people that leave in it


Tel: +972-54-7621582

Email: yael@yaeldr.com

Address: 2 Haprachim St

Ramat Hasharon, 4723116, Israel

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